This class is designed as a 3-hour retreat into the Great Works of Art that still influence artists around the world today. Whether you are a student, a beginner, or a seasoned professional, this class will both humble and inspire you on your road to mastery. We'll look intently at the great art of the past to inspire us in our work today. This is an essential course for every serious artist.

Each 5-week course will be a themed journey into an area of mastery. Marshall & Vance will be your personal guides as we travel into each image and the artist that created it. Bring whatever medium you like: and be prepared to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and escape into a world of masterful craft and composed beauty.

Time: Tuesday 7pm - 10pm
First Class: Sept 17 2019
5 week course

Instructor: Marshall Vandruff & Vance Kovacs

What we will will learn:
-Guided lesson from the Masters
-Composition. Anatomy. Technique. Medium. Process. Color. Scene and shot choice.

What we will do:
Nightly Exercise (Look & Draw)
-We’ll draw from images. either Composition studies, drawing studies, or technique studies.

Structure of the class:

-Back & Forth Artist Presentation from Marshall and Vance
-Cultural Context (including professional - how artists of the past worked compared to now)
-Influences (from others) and influence (on others)
-Human and Animal Forms: Accuracy, Exaggeration, and Understatement.
-Stylistic Elements of outlining, cross-contours, planes, and painting techniqu

Prerequisite: Open for all skill levels

Price: $500 General Admission
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Location: 10134 6th St, Unit M, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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Structure of the class:

  • back & forth Artist Presentation from Marshall and Vance

  • Cultural context (including professional - how artists made their livings then - similar and different to now).

  • Influences (from others) and influence (on others)

  • Stylistic elements - pattern vs depth, outlines vs tone, treatment of imagery for amplitude (exaggeration vs understatement), imagery, edges, etc.

  • All Compositional Elements

Work Examples