Concept Art Boot Camp has one main focus: How to be a concept artist. This course is structured to teach you the skills and process of being a concept artist. This class will cover a full range of exercises from designing a character, a prop and an environment. Get a better understanding of concept art & design in a fun, project based course for students who want to push their sense of design.

Instructor: Robert ‘SINIX’ Stacy , Concept artist & Instructor
Robert Stacy is a self-educated artist from Yorba Linda, California. Also known as "Sinix", he discovered his passion for art in his twenties & quickly found work as a freelance illustrator / designer. After tirelessly working to improve, he then found employment with Electronic Arts as an industrial designer, but realized that his true passion lies in art education and community building. Shifting towards this new goal, Robert created a YouTube channel dedicated to offering free art education videos for aspiring artists from around the world. This channel, SinixDesign, has continued to grow and offer many community building experiences over the years.

He has been teaching at LCAD since 2017 and is always looking for new opportunities to bring artists together through fun activities and meetups.

Time: Sunday 2pm - 5pm
First Class: January 26, 2020
8 week course

Price: $650 *A registration fee of $15.99 (labeled as Shipping) will be applied to each class purchased.

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Location: Rancho Cucamonga Campus

What you can expect to learn:

  • The purpose of this course is to expose the student to what is concept art, how design & art work together and to understand the skills involved.

  • Drawing & Painting

  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate students

  • Project based course

  • Design a character, prop and environment

  • Learn concept design theories

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