Course Objective: For students to become familiarized with the interface of Blender 3D through weekly Hard Surface modeling exercises and in class demos. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to work with a 3D program and making Blender a strong design tool in the arsenal of our students.  Students will learn the 3D pipeline used in various Game and Animation Studios. In this class students will learn how to use the modeling toolkit in Blender and how to render a AO pass of the finished pieces.   

Time: TBD
10 week course

Instructor: Tanase Laurentiu, Concept artist & Instructor

Focus: Understanding of the Blender interface and using the software to create detailed hard surface designs.

Materials: Blender 2.79b or higher (free), laptop and sketchbook/notebook
*not provided

Price: $750 *A registration fee of $15.99 (labeled as Shipping) will be applied to each class purchased. For terms and conditions see FAQ.

Location: 10134 6th St, Unit M, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

What you can expect to learn:

  • Blender Tools and Techniques

  • Better Understanding of 3D Programs

  • Modular Kit Creation and Kit-bashing 

  • ID and AO rendering 

  • Hard Surface Modeling

  • How to Efficiently Concept for 3D Artists

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